• stainless steel wire rope

    stainless steel wire rope

    Product detail: Surface: Galvanized, Ungalvanized, Stainless, PP/PVC/PE coated Tensile: 1570 mpa to 2160 mpa packing on plystic, wooden or plywood reels 25m to 2000m. Delivery: 30 days for a 20 feet container(24.5 tons). Reference Construction Steel strand 1×7, 1×19, 1x19S, 1*19W, 1*25Fi, 1*29Fi Aircraft cable 7×7, 7×19 Traw fishing application 6x19AW+FC, 6x19AS+FC 6×19+FC, 6X19+IWRC 6×37+FC, 6X37+IWRC 6*7+FC, 7*7, 6*24+7FC Hoisting lifting applilcatio...
  • lifeboat wire rope sling

    lifeboat wire rope sling

    The wire rope sling used for landing shall be inspected periodically, paying particular attention to the area through the pulley, and shall be renewed if necessary due to wear and tear of the sling or at intervals not exceeding 5 years (whichever comes earlier). 

  • Steel slab clamp billet lifting clamp

    Steel slab clamp billet lifting clamp

    Steel slab clamp billet lifting clamp The tong equipment for transporting billets is designed with the advanced experience from home and abroad on the basis of our production experiences for many years with the advantage of no power consumption, no electromagnetic wave interference, reliable&safe in operation and flexible adaptability. Facts have proved that this lifting tool can load and unload steel billets freely without the cooperation of workmen on the ground, which is an ideal lifti...
  • Permanent Lifting Magnets

    Permanent Lifting Magnets

    Permanent magnetic lifter The Super Magnet Automatic Lifting Sucker is a high-tech product developed based on high-energy magnetic materials. Widely used in the transportation and lifting process of steel, machining, mold, warehouse, etc. The connection of block and cylindrical magnetic conductive steel materials can greatly improve the efficiency of loading and unloading and handling of workpieces.    Specification   Model Rated lifting capacity Dimensions(mm) Weight   kg ...
  • Cargo load transport trolley

    Cargo load transport trolley

    Cargo load transport trolley Industrial machine roller dollies with highest reliability, durability and safety standard. Front dolly comes with thrust bearing supported turntable allowing freely steering without needing to stop and reposition to turn. Pull by hand or attach to forklift for towing. Rolls heavy loads easily from point A to point B with less effort. The dolly system won’t slip out from under the load – even under pulling and tugging. Distance between rear dollies is ...
  • Wire Rope Sling with Open Spelter Socket

    Wire Rope Sling with Open Spelter Socket

    Open Type Casting Socket Steel Wire Rope Sling for Marine Towing with Customized Services.

    Galvanized Us Type G416 Grooved Open Type Spelter Socket

  • Steel Lifting Plate Clamp

    Steel Lifting Plate Clamp

    Product detail: Steel lifting plate clamp High Quality Forging Steel Vertical Plate Lifting Clamp Model Working Load Limit (Ton) Jaw Opening (mm.) Weight Each   (kg.) LWK928-1 0.8 0-16 2.8 LWK928-2 1 0-22 3.6 LWK928-3 2 0-30 5.5 LWK928-4 3.2 0-40 10 LWK928-5 5 0-50 17 LWK928-6 8 0-60 26 LWK928-7 10 0-80 32 LWK928-8 12 25-90 48 LWK928-9 16 60-125 80 Horizontal steel lifting Plate C...
  • Link chain accessaires

    Link chain accessaires

    Use on link chain, connecting with chain and composed of lin chain sling.

  • Flat webbing sling

    Flat webbing sling

    Application: The white flat webbing slings are widely used in aviation, aerospace, nuclear power establishment, military manufacturing, port loading and unloading, power equipment, machine processing, chemical steel, shipbuilding, transportation and other fields.

  • billet tong

    billet tong

     Advantage of the slab billet clamp works reliably, flexibly and safely. The opening and closing mechanism is made of alloy steel with high strength wearable. The slab billet clamp has a long service life. According to its structure, the slab billet clamp is divided into fixed clamp and adjustable clamp (the height H cannot be adjusted). The billet clamp is suitable for lifting different specifications and different numbers of billets.
  • Wire rope clamp

    Wire rope clamp

    This product is widely used in steel, mechanical mold processing, warehouse and other lifting process.

  • Steel wire rope sling

    Steel wire rope sling

    Its characteristic is the rope body which is soft, there are lots of lifting points, can solve the questions of small limited space and high loading capacity.

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