About Us

Brief introduction of us

Jiangsu Gostern Rigging is a well-known manufacturer of lifting sling, ratchet strap and special lifting equipment in China.

We are concentrate on making research, developing new products and provide customized service. We also help our clients to find the perfect way on their lifting issues.

The chain /wire rope sling and lifting equipment now are widely used in metallurgy, machinery, railway, petrochemical, port, electric power, nuclear power, military and other fields.
Recently, we have build long-term relationship with Dongfang Electric, Shanghai Electric, XCMG Group, China CSR, China CNR.
We have been exported to the United States, Korea, Thai, Vietnam and other east Asia countries.

Wire rope sling can transmit long-distance loads, and can also carry multiple loads and alternating loads; it has good wear resistance and can be used normally in harsh environments with various harmful media; it also has the characteristics of good flexibility, It is suitable for various purposes such as traction, binding, and pulling. The load factor of wire rope sling is relatively large, which is convenient to use; the weight is light, which is convenient for transportation and carrying. Wire rope sling has fatigue strength, impact toughness and high tensile strength; under high-speed working conditions, it has good shock resistance, wear resistance and stable operation.


Our team

Gostern Rigging Co., Ltd. is established in the year of 2001 in China. The company covers an area of 33000 square meters, more than 600 employees. It is a specialized slings company that can design, manufacture and market. The company has a strong technical ability, scientific technology procedures, testing equipment, and a perfect quality system. As a professional china link chain sling manufacturer, we welcome you to contact us anytime.

Our certificate

We have achieved CCS, LR, ABS and KR certification and of course every batch we will have mill certificate to offer you. Either the company or the product all have the approval of the relative authourity. Except that we are told to make Form E, CO, and attested invoice by Chinese Chamber. On this circumstance we are sure to offer you a satisfying experience of business.


Our training

We organized regular staff training every Month and also update our new project to our main people. The new project will have discussed during the meeting and training. The safety of our sling is always our first concern, so as our people. We care about every workers of their safety and health. Hence we organized healthy examination every year and oftenly give their training on the daily operation.