Sling users should pay attention to the training of hoisting machinery talents!

With the development of science and technology, engineering lifting machinery and equipment are more and more powerful, and the technical content is more and more high. While constantly improving the production efficiency, it brings more challenges to the sling and lifting equipment management staff.
The development of engineering machinery and equipment management is inseparable from professional skills and high-quality management personnel, to strengthen the training of machinery and equipment management personnel and on-site machinery and equipment operators, in order to ensure the safety of site construction. To innovate the selection mechanism of high-skilled personnel training, equipment operation and maintenance personnel to choose professional counterparts, adhere to the combination of training and introduction, through college recruitment, skills operation competition selection, social recruitment and other ways, through regular training, require management personnel and operators to do the certificate.
Mechanical equipment management department to strengthen the personnel management, education and training work, focus, training, technical seminars, on-site model view, professional and technical exchanges, promotion and introduction of expert discussion and experience and so on many kinds of ways and platform, make them understand the new techniques, new technologies of the equipment, to learn the structure of the mechanical equipment and operation, and according to the specific situation of the site construction, Continuously improve the level of equipment management, operating equipment maintenance personnel professional and technical level.
Construction enterprises shall organize special inspection and supervision of equipment according to their needs, and conduct appraisal and commendation activities for units and individuals with excellent equipment management. Construction site should be carried out regularly equipment inspection, supervision, monthly selection of excellent mechanical equipment operators, better service in the enterprise, to prevent the loss of a large number of talents.

Post time: Mar-14-2022