How to use and pay attentione to bellow parts

1. Move the crane to connect the crane hook with the lifting ring of the lifting beam. After lifting to an appropriate height, check whether the lifting beam is level and the lifting chain is knotted.

2. Then move the main beam to the top of the hanging object, connect it with the connecting rigging, and then slowly lift the sky

3. Test lifting balance: after the crane is lifted, the balance degree of the main beam shall be less than 1°, and the bearing beam shall be observed by naked eye whether it is in balance. When it is completely in balance, lifting can be carried out.

4. load test lifting: the load test lifting process is the final process of the whole preparation, the last part of the whole process of operation, should slowly lift the load, when just off the ground, stop lifting, observe the overall stress, and then slowly relax the load, if there is no abnormal, can normal lifting.

 normal lifting

Daily maintenance :

1.After using, the beam hanger must be placed on a special shelf and stored in a ventilated, dry and clean workshop.

2.The surface of beam body should be protected against rust frequently, and not allowed to be stored in acid, alkali, salt, chemical gas and damp environment

3.Do not store in high temperature area.

4. Clean the rotating parts regularly and apply lubricating oil regularly to prevent dry friction and blockage



Post time: Jun-21-2022