Four important factors that determine the wide application of stainless steel wire rope

Stainless steel wire rope can be seen everywhere in our daily life, such as in elevators, on the crane, and so on, also, in the international market, stainless steel wire rope also has its own position, so many countries are very wants to enhance the international competitiveness of domestic stainless steel wire rope to increase market share, in order to gain more profit. So what determines the international competitiveness of stainless steel wire rope products? Gostern rigging summarizes the following four factors.

1, product price and cost price is the key factors of stainless steel wire rope product international competitiveness directly, because the cost is the basis of product pricing, cost and the factor price (including the labor price, the price of raw materials and energy prices, etc.) the influence of factors, from this point, factor endowment is an important factor affecting the product competitiveness.
2, product quality in the case of the same product price, higher quality products have higher market competitiveness, China’s stainless steel wire rope product quality level with similar foreign products there is a big gap.

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3, technology is an important factor in determining the international competitiveness of stainless steel wire rope products, advanced production technology can improve production efficiency, can greatly reduce the cost and price of products. In addition, technology has a decisive impact on product quality, product structure and new product development. Therefore, research and development is the foundation of technological progress and the source and power to improve the international competitiveness of products.
4, stainless steel wire rope manufacturing enterprise management level of the international competitiveness of stainless steel products in all aspects of constraints have a wide impact, good management can improve efficiency, reduce product costs, achieve technological progress, promote new product development, enhance product marketing, expand market share.

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Post time: May-27-2022