80T Tundish spreader

In the project of transforming from steel flat to billet continuous caster, the tundish spreader is used for transportation of tundish, the four lugs of tundish are not completely symmetrical, and it has more than 70 tons at full load, so it must be safe and reliable during transportation. Before the design, inspected many steel mills, they design intermediate tank spreader structure has many kinds, but the hook form only open and closed two kinds.



In the continuous casting process, the tundish serves as the intermediate container of ladle and mould, which not only has the function of regulating molten steel, but also acts as an important link in the secondary metallurgical process, especially in the purification of molten steel. The tundish provides a place and opportunity for the floating of inclusions in molten steel, and opens up a new way for the development of metallurgical technology. As a metallurgical reactor set between ladle and mould in continuous casting process, the intermediate tank not only distributes molten steel, but also has the functions of stabilizing and satisfying molten steel supply, homogenizing molten steel composition and temperature, and promoting inclusion discharge. From the point of view of metallurgical reaction engineering, tundish metallurgy in fact can be seen as a special refining outside the furnace technology, from the steel smelting and refining to form in the process of casting the production key link to ensure the quality of obtained excellent steel, a significant meaning to improve the competitiveness of steel products, as a result, tundish is important equipment on continuous casting machine.

Post time: Jul-12-2022