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Steel slab clamp billet lifting clamp The tong equipment for transporting billets is designed with the advanced experience from home and abroad on the basis of our production experiences for many years with the advantage of no power consumption, no electromagnetic wave interference, reliable&safe in operation and flexible adaptability. Facts have proved that this lifting tool […]
Funis filum ad portum adhibitum periodice inspicietur, peculiari attentione ad aream per trochleas inspicietur, et renovabitur, si opus fuerit, ob vestium et lacrimam fundae vel intervalla non excedentes 5 annos (utcunque prius venit). 
The galvanized steel turnbuckles is a rigging accessory that links the load bearing function.
Apertum Type Iactis Socket Steel Wire Funis Sling pro Marine Towing cum Customized Services. Galvanized Us Type G416 Grooved Open Type Spelter Socket
Use on link chain, connecting with chain and composed of lin chain sling.
Application: Ship, iron and steel industry, petroleum chemical industry, coal mine

Webbing Sling

A webbing sling is a versatile and durable lifting device made from high-strength synthetic materials. It is commonly used in various industries, including construction, manufacturing, and logistics, for lifting and moving heavy loads. Webbing slings are designed to be lightweight, easy to use, and cost-effective, making them a popular choice for a wide range of lifting applications. Webbing slings come in various sizes and configurations to suit different types of loads and lifting conditions. They are typically made from materials such as polyester or nylon, which provide excellent strength and durability. The slings are equipped with loops or hooks for attaching to lifting equipment or anchor points, and are designed to accommodate different load sizes and shapes.

Application: The white flat webbing slings are widely used in aviation, aerospace, nuclear power establishment, military manufacturing, port loading and unloading, power equipment, machine processing, chemical steel, shipbuilding, transportation and other fields.
The ratchet tie down straps are used for fixation cargo while transporting, shifting or moving. After locking, no relax during transportation, safety, saving, light, easy to use and no damage for cargo.

Applicatio: Fundis sponda alba plana late adhibentur in aeroplano, aerospace, nucleari constituendo, militari fabricando, portu oneratione et exoneratione, instrumento potentiae, processus machinae, chalybe chemico, fabricando, vectura et aliis agris.

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