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Steel slab clamp billet lifting clamp The tong equipment for transporting billets is designed with the advanced experience from home and abroad on the basis of our production experiences for many years with the advantage of no power consumption, no electromagnetic wave interference, reliable&safe in operation and flexible adaptability. Facts have proved that this lifting tool […]
Funis filum ad portum adhibitum periodice inspicietur, peculiari attentione ad aream per trochleas inspicietur, et renovabitur, si opus fuerit, ob vestium et lacrimam fundae vel intervalla non excedentes 5 annos (utcunque prius venit). 
The galvanized steel turnbuckles is a rigging accessory that links the load bearing function.
Apertum Type Iactis Socket Steel Wire Funis Sling pro Marine Towing cum Customized Services. Galvanized Us Type G416 Grooved Open Type Spelter Socket
Use on link chain, connecting with chain and composed of lin chain sling.
Application: Ship, iron and steel industry, petroleum chemical industry, coal mine

Anchora Chain

An anchor chain is a type of chain used to connect an anchor to a vessel, providing stability and security when the vessel is at anchor. Made from high-strength steel, anchor chains are designed to withstand the forces of waves, wind, and currents, and to securely hold the vessel in place. Anchor chains come in a range of sizes and configurations to suit different types of vessels and anchoring conditions. The links of an anchor chain are typically made from a high-strength steel alloy that is resistant to corrosion, abrasion, and wear. The links are designed to interlock securely, creating a strong and reliable chain that can withstand the stresses of being at anchor. The thickness of the chain and the size of the links are critical factors in determining the strength and durability of the chain.

Stud Link and Studless Link Anchor Chain are widely used on Floating Equipment, Ships(Boats), Oil Rigs and Mooring Buoys.

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